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Pre school karate

This fun and safe professionally designed course has one objective –


To get your child AHEAD for kindergarten and first grade!

Preschool Kids at Shin Tenchi Dojo

Our unique children's program offers more than self-defense and physical agility.


Our educational karate program and unique achievement program will teach your child respect, manners, safety, and much more.

But the best part of all is that karate will give your child the self-discipline needed to be more studious. This leads to increased concentration at school, which often pays off in the form of better grades. Our programs are also designed to promote confidence and self-esteem.

Recent studies have shown that programs which focus on personal achievement, such as karate, are much more effective in this area than team sports.

for the kids:

Karate teaches us strength, courage, and self-control.


We become strong by training both our minds and our bodies.


If we are respectful to our parents and pay attention to our teachers, our minds will grow and become stronger each day.


We become courageous by being kind to other people and respecting one another's differences. We can also become more courageous by admitting our mistakes - even when we are afraid to do so.


Good karate students never allow themselves to be provoked into violence.


We always try our very best to walk away from a fight. By keeping our karate training for ourselves, we learn self-control.

Preschool Kids at Shin Tenchi Dojo


Ages 5 and 6 train together with an age-specific curriculum. We begin evaluating for this program at age 4.

Preschool Kids at Shin Tenchi Dojo

One of our first lessons is how to listen, follow directions, and wait your turn.


We then teach them our core Karate attitudes of always trying our best, never giving up, and never being afraid to make mistakes.


Ultimately this "preschool" prepares them for our main youth and teen programs where they learn the habits and character traits of successful and happy young adults.

How a five year old starts kindergarten can show how they do academically for the rest of their life!


Ask any educator and they will tell you that the biggest determining factor of how a child will do when they start school is their “prior knowledge.”

Our secret: “To accelerate their lives.” 


Things like speaking to an audience, working on a team, learning from other adults, doing well with things they do not like, and experiencing hardship and frustration, but then succeeding!

Preschool Kids at Shin Tenchi Dojo
Send us a message if you have any questions, need more information, or would like to start your child today!
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