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Traditional Okinawan Goju ryu karate is perfect for teens

A time-proven method of instruction handed down from the masters of the past to the present.

Teen Class at Shin Tenchi Dojo
We strive to develop the character of our Teen students first and foremost.
Teen Students learn to set, work toward, and achieve goals through dedication and perseverance.
The true focus of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do is to instill people with strong character, morals, and discipline.
Moral, intellectual, and physical training combine as one to encourage positive development of the human spirit. Through karate training, a teen student will learn to focus and apply the power of the mind. Students develop qualities centered on courage, morality, resolve, and responsibility. These are facets of human character necessary for the development of humankind and which contribute to the health of society as a whole. We are primarily concerned with contributing to the positive development of the human condition through the art of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do. All people, regardless of race, age, or gender are welcome.
Teen karate
The two things parents feel their teens have problems with...

1. Social Skills.  


Mom, doesn't it seem like you have everything working against you as you try to raise a successful, happy teen?  Texting, bullying...It's a tough world out there! It is so true that it takes a village to raise a child.

2. Attitude.


Attitude just seems to be amplified as a teen.


We find that, if raised well, teens can be your greatest pleasure.  If not, they can be your worst nightmare!  


What kind of attitude are you seeing in your teen?

Superb Technique at Shin Tenchi Dojo
Respect at Shin Tenchi Dojo
Can you identify your teen with one or more of these frequently recognized concerns?

Isolation: They begin to physically remove themselves from family and social functions while becoming less approachable.

Rebellious: Frequent defiance and disrespectful outbursts.

Dubious choices of friends: Suspecting they are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Too much idle time: Inactive social time watching TV, on the computer, playing video games. Constantly on their phones texting!

Bullying: Ouch!!! Teens can have a pack mentality at school.  Those who don't fit in are outcast and ridiculed.  This can leave emotional scars that have an extremely negative impact on the psyche of a young adult.

Obesity: One can make a very legitimate point that it is reaching epidemic proportions.  The negative social implications of this for your teen are tremendous!  Not to mention the health implications long-term.

You are not alone! We are here to help.

How Does Karate help?

Our program is much, much more than a “punch and kick” karate program. We provide a safe, disciplined, and structured environment where they can hone their success habits.


Karate requires discipline both mentally and physically. Boosting their confidence is crucial. We emphasize team work and leadership skills in this program. Proper self-image is an inevitable result of proper application of confidence boosting.

Send us a message if you have any questions, need more information, or would like to start your TEEN today!
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